Friday, September 9, 2011


Tonight, as a special treat for the kids finishing 2 weeks of school (and celebrating our 3 week anniversary in Kyoto), we had ETHNIC food.  We went to "Die Güte" up on Kitaoji street.  We shared our food, which consisted of gorgonzola/mozzarella pizza (wow, it was good to have CHEESE), a margharita pizza, a sausage pizza (mini hot-dogs/wurst, not italian sausage) and a gratin of sweet potatoes, pasta and cheese.  Afterwards we had vanilla/chocolate twirl soft-serve.  On the way home we bought PEANUT BUTTER ($6.40 for 12 oz) and passed an INDIAN restaurant and a MEXICAN restaurant which has quesidillas.

So, we are set on bribe restaurants for the next couple weeks.

We (W and I) have been really enjoying the actual ethnic food here in Japan, and N is doing his best to try new things at school, but M is having a real hard time adjusting.

W and I met S and her dad at the Kyoto Imperial palace this morning for a tour in English (we forgot the camera, so no pictures.  We'll go back; it was stunning.).  It was really cool to see the 1000 year old structures (actually, most are only about 150 years old due to fires, but they were all rebuilt in the same style and in basically the same place.)  During World War 2, I guess they tore down many of the structures to prevent fires, which is sad.  So much history has been lost to wars.  I'm glad Kyoto was spared as much as it was during the war, because the old parts of the city are so beautiful.

the heat and humidity are back, today was very hot, its 85 °F at 9 at night.

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