Sunday, December 25, 2011


We've been in Tokyo for about 3 days now.  It is so big; it is amazing how many people there are.  Trains run high above ground every 5 minutes, 10 cars each, packed with people.  Subways run just as frequently, several stories below ground, just as packed.  We've been mostly exploring in a small areas north and east of Tokyo station (Asakusabashi and Asakusa) and there is so much more of the city to see!

We arrived on the shinkansen (bullet train) on Thursday late and it took us more than one hour to go 3 subway stops from Tokyo Station to our hotel in Asakusabashi.  We are better now that we have the lay of the land figured out. We saw Cirque du Soleil our first day here which was amazing.  Unfortunately, Wendy has been feeling sick so yesterday, Christmas, was subdued.  Santa did find us in Tokyo, much to the kids delight.  They each have new socks and cool ladybug pocket watches.  My host at KIT got them puzzles and crafts too.  We've been eating yummy ramen and sushi (M has been eating her standard yogurt and banana).  Oh, and we have evidence of her eating mochi!

There was a big Christmas light decoration set up down town last night.  Here are some pictures.

The cylinders are candles and the white things fluttered in the wind and made noise.

two major streets lined with white trees met at the main display...

...of multileveled changing colored lights and music...

...the whole display was probably 100 yards long!

Finally, here are the kids doing their best impression of what I looked like when we arrived at Tokyo Station:

Merry Christmas!

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