Sunday, February 26, 2012


N has REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to take us to the Biwa canal and museum for several months, ever since his school took a trip there. So, yesterday the kids and I took the bus down and spent an hour and a half walking around the old canal grounds, the short train line that connects the upper and lower canals (you walk along the train line, it no longer runs) and then we followed the canal up into the hills and foret to the east. You're in a city, and then, all of a sudden, you emerge at a zen garden called Nanzen-in.  Stunning. I didn't have the camera so I took a few shots with my phone. Nanzen-in was built in 1264 and the garden was constructed around the same time. The original building was lost to fire in 1393 and the current structure (picture didn't turn out) was built in 1703. So, that makes it one of the older structures we've seen. I definitely want to go back with the camera and take some more pictures of the canal and the forest.
zen garden lower pond

small waterfall

After Nanzen-in, we wandered around for a while to get back to the start. There is a big temple complex here, nestled in the mountains. N wanted us to take pictures of this huge lantern

After the walk, we went up to Qanat for yummy Japanese food. M ate yakisoba!!!!!! and a bite of chicken!!!! and N really enjoyed his ramen.  The kids were tired after their adventures and went to bed early.

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