Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Here's what we've been drinking lately

Part 1 in a continued exploration of beverages, both alcoholic and non.  
This beer gives me "Rich Taste" in a "Relaxing time."  It also comes in the fancy blue can so it's easier to find on the store shelves.  This beer has more flavor than most and currently it's my favorite Japanese Beer.  The Kirin in the gold can is also pretty good.

This is fortified apricot wine and it is very good. Very very good. Plus, it "enriches my precious time" which can't be bad, right?  

We have also been drinking several varieties of plum wine but they usually come in cardboard milk cartony things.  And, of course, thanks to S, I have been drinking my daily matcha latte Maxim packet. Even N is hooked now.  M prefers the cappuccino packets.  The whole family is caffeinated by 7:15 am every morning.  

In a somewhat related vein, I was really craving burritos so went up to Qanat today and bought avocados, tomatoes, taco seasoning mix, ground beef, and CHEDDAR CHEESE. We had some tortillas ($10 for 15) leftover from going to the western food store, so I whipped up some guacamole and we had pretty good burritos and quesadillas for dinner tonight. YUM.  That hit the spot.  I was really craving mexican food.


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