Thursday, October 27, 2011

Traditional Octopus Pasta

This evening, the kids and I decided to partake in the traditional "octopus pasta" dish, or tako-soba (たこそば).  I was inspired by some of my "professional" colleagues as well.  They are very jealous that I get to eat all this fancy yummy food and sent along the idea for this dish. 

Of course, we had to procure octopi (たこ) (we acquired spiders and millipedes too, since they are so prevalent in our apartment complex) and instead of soba, we used regular pasta.  Mia wanted hers without sauce, but just butter and cheese (that's my girl!) but N and I ate it the way Nature intended.

Here we are preparing the たこ:

and here are some of the completed octopi and other things:
Cook for 6 minutes (just like it says on the package)


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