Friday, January 27, 2012

Osaka Science Museum

Wendy had an Alexander workshop for a few days in early January in Osaka so I took the kids to the Osaka science museum.  They had a blast pushing buttons, playing with electricity and magnets and looking at the exhibits.  We went to the planetarium too, but as it was in Japanese, we didn't get a lot out of it.  They outlined Orion and the "san-kaku" (three-sides... triangle) constellation and spent a while discussing them, but I don't know what they said.

Of course, we took pictures at the Periodic Table.

300 bonus points for the first person (not Scott) to identify the 3 small people on the poster.

Here I am pointing to my new favorite element.  

N (and later M) built a bridge that was strong enough to walk on!

It was a fun day; we met up with Wendy back at the same hotel we stayed at for the marathon back in October and had dinner, and then took the train home.

Marathon update:  training has been going really well.  44 days until Kyoto marathon!

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