Sunday, January 22, 2012

temples and spaceships

I'm behind in blogging.  I'll try to add a few posts this week.  The kids and I went to a flea market in Northern Kyoto yesterday (1/22) at the Kamigamo shrine.  It was smaller than the others we've been to. The kids took a few pictures of some of the smaller shrine buildings and bridges:
a nice little bridge

a small shrine with a mossy roof

the door of the small shrine (about 8-12 inches tall)

a larger shrine; you had to be "authorized" to go closer

When we got home, the kids got back in their spaceship that they made from leftover Christmas present boxes.  They were flying to Africa with their animals.  They each have headphones, they are wearing Jedi robes or space suits (NOT PJs) there are all sorts of dials and pockets and fuel tanks and things.  They also have dreaded "coathanger lasers."  Watch out for them if you see them!
doing battle with lasers and things

setting the coordinates, and fueling

adjusting dials and unsheathing the weapon


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