Sunday, May 20, 2012


We had a GREAT view of the eclipse today!  I remember back in 1991 standing on the roof of the UC Irvine chemistry building with a "pinhole camera" 6 or 8 inches across in a giant piece of cardboard; we were able to focus the image of the sun down to the ground 6 or 7 stories below. Great fun.

Here are some photos of us looking at the eclipse and our pinhole camera.
Only look at the sun when using ANSI (or the Japanese equivalent) approved safety equipment.

M and N with a pinhole camera we made.

the image as the moon almost covered the sun

the goggles had holes for string and they made a pretty good camera too. Here we have a crescent sun!

Almost total annular sun!

We could see a ring of the sun around the moon through the glasses but couldn't get a photo of it.

The kids and a neighbor. There were lots of people out looking up at the eclipse (it was at a maximum at 730 am)

Dad looking at the sun.

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