Sunday, May 20, 2012

More mexican food

We went back to Taqueria Pachanga this evening and have decided that it is the best mexican food in Kyoto. There are cuban maps on the wall, and decorations from Mexico and Central and South America. Wendy had hueveos rancheros and a yummy chicken/avocado salad, I had chorizo taco and bean and cheese taco, and yummy chicken rice and lime soup. M had quesidillas, of course. N had the bean and cheese taco and the same soup as me. W and I split a margarita too.  ¥4800, or $60. We are either getting used to paying high prices for food, or we don't care. It was very very good.

On the way home I bought 2 bottles of Belgian beer and I am drinking a Chimay red right now. Yum. Today is a good food day!

We are starting to make and follow through on our list of "things we absolutely have to do before we leave!" We only have 76 more days. Amazing.  I'm shopping for some more gifts tomorrow; a few more surprises and thank yous for everyone helping me out in California this year. thank you!

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