Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My first day of work

I was supposed to start at KIT on Monday, but since we don't have cell phones (yet) or internet in our room (yet) and no easy way to make local calls (yet), I couldn't arrange for my host, Harada-san, to pick me up.  So, after a few email exchanges yesterday, he picked me up at our apartment this morning and took me in.  Very low key, but I now have an office, a key to the office, and I am ON THE GROUND in Kyoto.

After getting set up, we walked over to the Sakyo-ku ward government office to begin the process of registering us in Kyoto.  We needed photos, and W needs to come to sign some documents, so we didn't do that.  Without the paperwork, we can't get phones, or a bank account, so we want to do this quickly.  I found a place to get passport photos taken, and then I went to lunch with Harada-san and his collaborator (whose name I can not remember right now) at a tiny little traditional Japanese restaurant just north of KIT. Its a very beautiful area with some nice old looking buildings (but was told that they are relatively modern... not sure what that means).

My office is giant; larger than our kitchen/dining room, and completely bare.  We bought the kids some paper so they can help me decorate.  We got passport photos taken after dinner at Kyoto University (right by our apartment) and tomorrow, bright and early, we will head back to the Sakyo-ku office to register and hopefully begin the process of bank accounts and cell phones.

The adventure continues!

p.s.  I had yummy grocery store prepared sushi for dinner.  I haven't had restaurant sushi yet but am really looking forward to it.

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