Thursday, August 25, 2011


In typical Waggenheimer fashion, we have now officially made our first trip to a Japanese hospital.  All we have to do now is clog a toilet and get moved out of a hotel room, and our trip will be complete.  N was acting very sluggish all day and when we got home from the elementary school to begin the registration process (10 pages of unreadable kanji, and 6 people yammering on in Japanese... plus 2 shoe changes to get to the princapls office... its going to be interesting) he was feeling worse.  We put him in the A/C and he was super hot but not sweating.  W thought it was heat stroke, and we were cooling him with cloths and ice, but eventually I called the RA in the building and he got the building manager, and then we called my sabbatical host and he took W & N to the Kyoto University hospital.  M was inconsolable as they drove away; I'm sure she thought he'd never be seen again and die in the hospital, but they were home in less than an hour with antibiotics and a fever reducer.  Not sure what it is, beyond a severe cold.  He didn't eat much yesterday and has been a little quieter than usual today, but he seems fine now.  I crashed after lunch today and took a 2 hour nap, so maybe I got some of the bug too.

We bought some of the gym clothes for school today at the local corner tobacco/school-supply store (?).  3 shirts, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 hats, and 2 pairs of shoes. They didn't have M's size in pants and we have to go back in 2 days.  It was about $125 for that, but they're very cute!  here is the gangsta' picture of our darling children dressed up in their new gym clothes.

We need to get 2 more pair of shoes (or possibly slippers) and $40 worth of school supplies (that one of the teachers is nicely going to pick up for us and we will pay him back).  Everyone at the school was VERY nice and I got an email from one of the teachers or assistants today and she offered to help us fill out the forms and purchase items (we will need the help).

It continues to be HOT today.  W and I spent some of the day figuring out our phones; I think I can send texts now.  And the phone is set to English, which was a big help.  Tomorrow we hope to begin the supposedly 1 month process of opening a bank account here.  We will need some cash before then.

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