Sunday, September 4, 2011


I hit a big day over here, and since we don't know anyone, it was a subdued celebration.  We all woke up to the typhoon we were having and walked through the rain to a little corner "french bakery" and had pastries for breakfast.  Then, later in the day, our best friends in the world were here (S is on a teaching semester here in Kyoto at Doshisha University) so we had lunch with them, went over to their apartment, and then had dinner at a nice little Chinese place.  They had meat buns and pot stickers and all the kids had mango pudding for dessert.  W, S and I had plum wine.  Here are some pics:
plum wine and egg soup

happy birthday!

the little kids eating chicken and potstickers

the big kids eating soup and shrimp (with hashi!)
W & S looking normal

W&S with their "Japanese" pose


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm enjoying catching up on this blog, although it's no substitute for having you next door!