Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cherry blossoms #3

Yet another day of me wandering around taking pictures of cherry blosoms.  I spent 2 or 3 hours walking the city, starting at Gion, heading back around to my favorite temple in Kyoto so far (Kodaiji) and ending up walking up the Kamo river and home.  It is definitely the nicest day we've had all year (well, since November anyway). It is currently 68 or 70° and bright and sunny.

Not a lot of commentary today, just pictures.

This is the big cherry tree at the temple near Gion (Maruyama park)

white blossoms

pink blossoms

a view in Maruyama park

A white tree in Maruyama park

walking south from the park towards a lot of temples (Possibly Chorakuji?)

one of the buildings in the temple area

I was playing with the zoom in feature on the camera today...

Just a typical street view in Kyoto.

And another one.

This is the serpent sculpture at Kodaiji

its body is made of wood and the spines are made of roof tiles

this is its head

It winds through the "sea"

here is a movie of the serpent sculpture

More views in Kodaiji (古代寺)

Beautiful red blossoms on this tree

My favorite building at Kodaiji; the paint colors are amazing

Trying to get an artistic view of the pagoda and blossoms through the bamboo

walking home along the Kamo river (鴨川); this is the view from the Sanjo bridge near Starbucks.

The flowers are beautiful

There is more than just cherry blossoms; these yellow folks are coming out too.

A view looking east along the canal near Marutamachi (丸太町)

The path walking home north along the river.

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