Monday, April 9, 2012

Sakura (さくら(桜))

It's Cherry Blossom season!  It is late this year because of the unseasonably cool Spring we've had, but they are starting to come out. At the recommendation of my Japanese professor at Pomona (thanks Lynne!) I went to the imperial palace "on the way home" from work today. Of course, it started to cloud over and then rain as soon as I got the camera out.  Here are the best pictures from today.
People were everywhere in the northern part of the park; there was one huge group of 20 or 30 college students drinking and yelling "Kampai!"

about 1/2 of the trees haven't opened up at all, and some are just starting

There are beautiful white and pink flowers

Proof I was there. A nice man offered to take my picture.

Most of the rest of them didn't turn out because of the rain. Tomorrow I will take some pictures along the river and down on southern Higashiyama (東山).

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