Thursday, August 18, 2011

International travel with 2 insomniac children...

San Francisco.  1:00 PM, August 17th, after tearful goodbyes with K.

Twelve hours later:  Natty has strewn the contents of his backpack all over the airplane, Miriam has poured her orange juice on her shirt, no one slept, Adam watched four movies, Miriam sobbed when the flight attendants asked for the headphones back for landing, neither kid ate any airplane food, Miriam got lost coming back from the bathroom, and then broke out in a rash all over her body.  Just another typical travel day for our family.  And we're not even there yet.
Seoul.  6:00 PM local time (2:00 AM for real), August 18th

We're taking bets on whether or not the kids will be walking by the time we arrive in Japan.  There will only be an after picture if the people request it.


  1. Sleep well, and I'm glad you all made it to Osaka! I was thinking about you guys all day yesterday... :)

  2. So, was traveling worse than packing up your whole house? Things can only get easier!

  3. It only gets better from here...right?