Wednesday, August 31, 2011

raw fish

I've eaten raw fish of some sort almost every day since I've been in Japan (including right now, as I eat an afternoon snack), and I haven't even died or gotten sick.  I also haven't seen any of the ubiquitous signs from the US that say "eating undercooked seafood will lead to dysentery, malaria, and death" (though, admittedly, I may have seen the signs and just not understood them...).  I usually have no idea what I'm eating and today was no exception, but it was yumm-o.

I've run a few times since we've been here.  To give you a sense of where we are, here is a map of where I've run so far.  This weekend I'm hoping to get up into the mountains to our immediate east.  It has cooled off a bit (only 29°C today, not 33°C).

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