Thursday, June 14, 2012


We went to Daitokuji, a collection of zen temples on the northwest side of Kyoto last weekend.  Some of the temples didn't allow photography but the last one we went do (Daisen-in) did. This temple is about 500 years old and if I remember correctly, it is mostly original buildings. The temple is surrounded by a lush bamboo and moss garden; it seems like you walked into an alien landscape when you enter the gate. The green completely surrounds you. It is very neat.
family shot on the entrance path (Poppy is visiting us!)

the entrance path always turns several times to make the journey seem longer--to make the transformation from your regular life to the life of the shrine more whole.

M walking along a path in the garden

one of several stone lanterns on the grounds

one of two tea houses

another lantern

This rock is from Korea and was hollowed out to make a wash basin.

a nice view of the moss, walkways, and tatami rooms

lots of sculpted trees

beautiful stone path

After the temple, we went to one of the oldest sweet shops in Kyoto, right near the temple complex.  These are little tiny mochi on a stick, grilled over a fire right outside and coated with a sweet syrup. Yum.

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