Thursday, June 21, 2012

japanese grocery store songs

Different foods in Japanese grocery stores have different songs.  Actually, almost everything has a song here. When we first arrived, we were pretty much assaulted continuously with songs. The train has a song. The recycling truck has a song. The fuel oil truck has a song. The entrance to Family Mart has a song.  I am trying to collect these now before it is too late.

Here are three of our "favorites."

the "spicy sausage" song at the Seisenkan Nakamura.  At least, we think it is about spicy sausage... It's near the bacon...
when the kids in the video say "BOOM" (its actually pu, but that doesn't mean I know why they're saying it) they put their hands on their faces like the scene from Home Alone.

the "sakana" song.  Sakana is Japanese for fish.  "Fish, fish fish...."
for some reason, this one cuts out. It normally keeps repeating.  They guy behind the counter kept staring at me. Then he came out and told me the fish was "Oishi!"  (Delicious). I am sure it is. The fish here is GREAT.

And, Wendy's favorite, the "Mini-mini" song that they play outside the "Mini-mini" apartment rental place. The song is about 20 seconds long and it repeats every 24 seconds. Wendy said she would last less than one hour if she worked there.
Sorry about the sideways-ness of this one. Hold your computer sideways and sing along!

I recorded the first two on my phone this week; the mini-mini song is from March. Maybe if we have time we will go back and get higher fidelity versions, but to be honest, they're playing the songs over cheap boom boxes so its not likely...

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