Sunday, June 17, 2012


We visited Hiroshima this weekend. We spent a couple hours on Saturday morning at the peace park, peace museum, and atomic bomb dome. It really makes you stop and think about war, its effects on people, the waste of money, effort, time, and humanity.

The park is beautiful, even in the pouring rain, and very somber. The museum is very well laid out and has a lot of information. The (very simplified) focus of the exhibition (to me, anyway) is to not place blame but to look inside their own society to discover what they did that resulted in the bombing, to forgive the aggression, to change their behaviors and outlook and to then work tirelessley to disarm the world of nuclear weapons.  An admirable goal, I think.

The thoughtfulness and introspection that I saw in the museum would be good for all of us to try.

I'll let that sink in and will update the blog about the rest of our weekend later.

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