Sunday, June 10, 2012

school visit day

I'm a bit behind on updating things. I finally downloaded some more pictures from last Sunday's parent school visit day.
This is M and one of her classmates. Gravity pulls a bit sideways here in Kyoto, apparently.

M teaching the class how to add 2 digit numbers. Apparently they spent 30-40 minutes on this problem.

M's picture of だんごむし (dango mushi, pill bug)

M dressed for PE!

M's spring egg picture

N learning to sew with his new sewing kit

N's rice plants (his are the tallest of the whole class)

N's "about me" poster

N's picture drawn using only triangles. Its a castle and several military aircraft

N's kanji.  I can't read the big kanji (the lower one might be nagai, long).  The left side says "5th year, ワグーナ・ナサニエル (his name in katakana) 

N counting to 10 in English as part of the English lesson.

and here are some movies of the day:

M's class doing their reading (hirigana, katakana and kanji)

N's class doing their English lesson

N leading the class in counting to 20

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