Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hiroshima and Miyajima

Here are a few pictures from last weekend's trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima.

Hiroshima style okanomiyaki. make a thin pancake, pile on cabbage, bean sprouts, spices and toppings, cook for a while, then flip over. That is what you see in this picture.  Then, fry an egg and either soba or other noodles, and put the whole thing on that.  Flip over again and add sauce, nori, and eat!

M loves her "cheesu okanomiyaki!"

we got utensils (plates and ohashi). The authentic way to eat it is right off the spatula from the grill! But we didn't know that until a Japanese man ate his that way while we ate.


Deer on Miyajima island south and west of Hiroshima

mom and baby deer, dad and baby kids

we saw this family of monks...

the kids got momiji on a stick. Turns out it was fried fish paste and I got to eat M's since she didn't like it.

Me doing what I do best.  Raw oysters on the plate, cooked ones in the onigiri.

a slightly better pic of me, since I am not shoving food in my mouth.

N eating udon

M eating soba and Wendy eating fish

the kids (and me) were tired from the heat by the end of the day, and we still had a 2 hour train ride.


happy family

the only picture we took of Miajima.  The tori in the water is 16x24 meters!!

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