Sunday, July 15, 2012


I'm trying to stay current with the blog, but I was really sick (like, flat on my back with a fever for 3 days) this week so it got away from me. Last weekend we went bowling with Keiko and her 3 kids, and then went to *her* friend Aki's house for dinner.  It was a fun day, lots of memories.

Somehow our kids have managed to live their whole lives so far without ever once bowling.  Grandad and Uncle Karl, I told the kids that you two would help them. I got to relive some memories of me with my Poppop going bowling as a kid; some of my favorite memories.  But I think the last time *I* went bowling was for my bachelor party.

Here are some pictures. There are more on facebook.
Instead of bumpers on the lanes, the kids got to use the ball slide.

N's and K's excellent forms

M actually got two spares; one with this, and one by herself!

K's bowling technique

What a cutie-pie

The kids hadn't burned off enough energy bowling so raced around the parking lot

4 kids in the middle seat

Playing piano at Aki's house

S and Y on the tatami

the kids table

I know it looks like they're playing video games, but they are actually working on a post-Beysian analysis of the stock market and planning for my retirement.

The ladies

One other thing. This country is experiencing a very hot summer, and they have all been using a lot less electricity since the earthquake last March. They have scheduled planned rolling blackout (possibilities) for the summer and this flyer was posted in our apartment complex:
unlike in SoCal, where they will just all of a sudden turn off your power, we have been told that we will find out the previous day if we will have our power cut.

It's the last point here that just really illustrates (yet again) the differences between Japan and the US. I can't even imagine that line being printed in the US. Please be extra careful not to start a fire.

It is Gion Matsuri this week and we have seen some of the parades. We are heading downtown in a while to check out some more of the festival.  Today was the last arts and crafts fair we will have. We went and bought a few last crafts and treasures to bring home. We have been boxing things up and mailing things home. The apartment is a real mess.

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