Saturday, July 28, 2012


It has been a week of "lasts."  The last day of school. The last flea market. This week we will have the last aikido lesson. The last taiko class. I will post pictures of the last day of school later this week.

The kids have been doing gymnastics since December or so. Class is from 6-9PM on Friday night. They have really enjoyed it. Wendy and I sat in and watched the last class and took a few pictures. It was so hot, and we were just sitting there.

The first 30 minutes, the kids all run around setting up the equipment. It really is fun to watch, and everyone helps. Then, they get in 2 long lines to greet the teachers.
N in line with 2 of his friends from school

M is doing the warmup and trying to avoid the camera. They do a 5 minute "dance" routine to warm up.
 Thc gymnastics class consists of stretching, some floor exercises (cartwheels, rolls) jumping over the horse, hanging from the parallel bars, sometimes balance beam and other things. Then at the end, they all clean up!

N&M helping to fold up the pads

Kids disassembling the floor exercise area.

M carrying pads

at the end of class, N&M said goodbye to their class.

They really enjoyed doing gymnastics and will miss it!

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