Wednesday, July 25, 2012

violin recital

Wendy gave a violin recital last weekend with her friend Mizuho as pianist. Keiko did a traditional japanese play/monologue about an annoying neighbor who keeps coming over at mealtime to get offered food, and then complains about it. So, they give him "special nagasaki tofu" (which is rotten). The recital was at a Nepalese restaurant near Kawabata/shichijo.
Here are some pictures.
very intimate recital space. And casual. You know its casual when the kids are climbing on you during the show.

Someone is hiding behind the piano bench.

the 3 performers!

Keiko ate some of the bad Nagasaki tofu and lived to tell the tale.

Wendy and her friends Keiko, Atsuko, Mizuho and Yuuka 

M being crazy

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