Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July!

First of all, Happy Fourth of July!  It isn't a huge holiday here in Japan, for some reason. No parades, no fireworks. Oh well.

I received a form in the mail today finalizing our move out from our apartment. About one month and we leave. It is going to be really strange to leave Japan.

Here are some recent pictures from a walk we took last weekend while N was at camp. We walked M down to Nijo street for a sleepover with our new friends from Oakland who are here for the summer.

We found this little tiny playground along the Philosopher's Walk. This "ride" looks less painful than it actually is.

Such pain. 


In a former life, I made buckyballs for a living. And this is a life size replica. Pretty cool. It is a truncated icosahedron, with 60 verticies. All hexagons and pentagons.  M is a little larger than a Xenon atom if this were to scale...

A little later in the day, M tried on a kimono in a shop. Very cute.

And then she bought a pack of 6 "ham hams" with her own money.

It was a good walk, and then M had her sleepover. 

We have had our first of presumably several good-bye parties. I'll post pictures from that later.

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