Sunday, July 29, 2012

last day of school

The Japanese school year starts in April and runs without any long breaks until mid-July. Their summer break is about 5 or 6 weeks; school starts again on the 28th or so. Then Winter break is about 3 weeks in December/January. There are occasional 2-3 day breaks here and there, but  they get more school here than in the US. This week was the last day of school until August, and both M and N's classes had goodbye parties for them. It was really sweet. We spent most of the day at school.

M's class:
This is M with her 1st grade teacher (this year he is the Japanese teacher and got to spend time with both M and N). He sang her a song about a father's daughter growing up and moving away and he was definitely very sad to see her go.

M's current 2nd grade teacher taught everyone a hula dance.

Here is the class learning the dance.

Then there was a surprise violin recital!

M is between 2 of her closest friends

M wrote and delivered a speech in Japanese about her year in Japan. Great job!!

Class photo! This is both 2nd grade classes.

This is M's class.  She has a big box of presents that all the kids made for her. Origami, cards, pictures, plus a big binder with notes (that I can't read) from all the other kids. Very nice.

Family picture.

After the party it was lunch time. The kids get dressed in these aprons and masks, head down to the kitchen and bring back food.

Here they are scooping out food into the bowls.

Stew and rice for lunch. Apparently the stew had vegetables from the school garden!

N's class had its party after lunch.
When we arrived (in one of the bigger rooms, not a classroom), they were sitting in circles playing a series of games.

Then to the gymnasium (it had started pouring rain) for one last game of dodge ball.

N with some friends

Here is the Japanese teacher again, Hashimoto-sensei, who sang a song to N.

And another violin recital!

N's teacher and class

N gave a speech that he had written. He delivered it in Japanese and then in English. Great job!

Class photo!

Back in the classroom, N was saying good bye to his classmates and friends.

Last day of school!  Good bye Daion Kinrin.

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